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Funky Monkey Farms

Where Happiness Grows on Trees

    • Awesome CSA Baskets Delivered to Your Work or Home!

    • We bring the farmers' market to you by offering fresh produce, delivered to your work or home (minimum order required and must be within our delivery area).  Remember the old-fashioned milk man who used to deliver weekly?  That's what we do!  Sign up for weekly eggs, goat cheese, kefir, yoghurt, cajeta, fruits, veggies, live herb plants, fresh cut herbs and baked goods.  Send us an email and we welcome you as a new member to our CSA,  info@funkymonkeyfarms.com 

  • Funky's Farming Needs & Wants: 

    • GOT LAND IN ALVIN???  - Funky needs some more growing space.  If you want to trade your land for our labor, plants, seeds, fertilizers, etc., plus free produce and eggs, let us know!  Land must be fenced, accessible, and have water.  We're looking for a quarter acre or more. Maybe that grass in your backyard that isn't doing anything?  How about that field behind your barn that's all weeds?  Got extra land at your church?  Send us an email and let's chat!  Funky can't purchase your land (he's a poor dirt farmer) but he wants to rent it in exchange for fresh veggies!

    • Need cash right now? Funky's lookin' for a good, used tractor in the under $6K range, with front end loader capabilities, 3 point, PTO, in the 30-60 hp arena.  Garden implements like disc, rake, plow, seeder, etc. are a giant plus.  It don't hafta be pretty or new(er).  If you want to add a trailer,  Funky's listening!              

    •  Other used stuff we're lookin' for:

    • Chicken wire

    • Hog wire

    • Livestock gates

    • Used cattle water troughs

    • Portable storage building (12 x 12 or so)

    • Garden cart

    • Nursery - We Grow Lotsa Veggies & Herbs!

    • Lemon & purple & large leaf basil, lemon balm, marjoram, oregano, Italian parsley, cilantro, winter thyme, summer savory, spearmint, peppermint, sage, tarragon, and St. John's wort.  Tons of hot and sweet pepper varieties ready soon, including Ghost Peppers and Spanish Spice. 

  • Please Help Unwanted Animals - We'll Pick Up Your Donation When We Deliver Your Veggies!

  • When you visit our farmers' market booth or when we deliver, please share a can or bag of dog, cat, kitten, or puppy food with us.  Your generosity will be used to feed local homeless animals.  Also accepted are toys, treats, blankets, towels, cat litter, litter pans, bleach, collars, leashes, copy paper, envelopes, and postage stamps.  All donations are given to local rescue shelters.  Please help us to help our local homeless animals.