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  • May to September Update:
    Closed Memorial Day Weekend to spend time with our families.  If you have a donation scheduled for pickup on Saturday, we WILL be picking up on Saturday. Have a nice holiday!
    Crafters: If you hand make items you would like to display in our country barn market, let us know. Shelf space is $25 month (about 4' x 16"). All you need to do is keep your display stocked and tidy. We'll do the rest. No need to be there.
    Canners/Preppers/Hunters/Fishers: If you need bigger refrigeration, we've got a new walk in cooler that can keep your surplus cold for you until you can get to it. Let us know how much space you want.
    Freeze Dryer: If you want to freeze dry your food for long term storage, like up to 25 years, we've got the machine that does it. Rental is $25 day plus $3 electricity. You prep as you'd like. Make jerky, pre-made dinners, fruit, veggies, herbs, eggs, dairy, or store your garden seeds for long term. It's way better than canning, freezing or dehydrating.
    Garden Space: If you want to have a summer garden (May thru September) but don't have the space, tools, or know how, you can rent one of our rows -- approximately 180' x 15. Legal crops only. $50 month plus water.

Our non-profit organization, Farm Gals, Inc., teaches and educates kids and adults about farm life, the way it was 100 years ago.  We stress physical effort, face to face communication, responsibility, and team work . 

We teach farming, urban gardening, seed starting, livestock care, animal husbandry, farm to table cooking, from scratch baking, wine making, soap and candle making, food preserving and canning.

We don't allow the internet, television, video games or electronics on the farm.  

If you want to donate unwanted household items, farm or livestock equipment, land, or anything else you want to receive a tax write off on, let us know!  We'll pick up.


785 Davis Bend Road, Alvin, TX 77511


At the blinking light - corner of House Street and Davis Bend Road