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Funky Monkey Farms

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    • Awesome CSA Baskets Delivered to Your Work or Home!

    • We bring the farmers' market to you by offering the farming lifestyle delivered to your work or home (minimum order required and must be within our delivery area).  Remember the old-fashioned milk man who used to deliver weekly?  That's what we do!  Sign up for weekly eggs, goat cheese, kefir, yoghurt, cajeta, fruits, veggies, live herb plants, fresh cut herbs, gluten free baked goods, whole chicken, beef, and goat's milk beauty products.  Send us an email and we'll get you signed up, info@funkymonkeyfarms.com  Check out the CSA page on this website for detailed information. 

  • Funky's Farming Needs & Wants: 

    •  Can you help us out?  Used stuff we're lookin' for:

    • Chicken wire, hog wire, hardware cloth, chain link fencing

    • Livestock gates

    • Cinder blocks

    • Used cattle water troughs

    • 2 x 4 lumber, hardy board siding, dual pane windows (any size)

    • Hey Alvin! 

    • Can We Borrow Your Unused Land In Exchange For Free Produce All Year? 

    • We grow lotsa veggies and our little farm just isn't big enough to meet the demand. We can't afford to rent or buy all the land we need so we want to borrow yours.  In exchange, we'll provide you with lots of seasonal veggies, fruits and herbs all year.  If you have more than 1/2 acre in Alvin, with tractor access and water that we can use for at least 6 months at a time, let us know! 

    • We're searching now for land for January planting.  Does your church have a big parcel that we can use? Church members benefit from free fresh produce!  Does your business have extra land you're tired of mowing?  What about your home?  Would your family like free fresh produce all year?   Send us an email  info@funkymonkeyfarms.com and tell us what you've got! 

  • Please Help Unwanted Animals - We'll Pick Up Your Donation When We Deliver Your Veggies!

  • When you visit our farmers' market booth or when we deliver, please share a can or bag of dog, cat, kitten, or puppy food with us.  Your generosity will be used to feed local homeless animals.  Also accepted are toys, treats, blankets, towels, cat litter, litter pans, bleach, collars, leashes, copy paper, envelopes, and postage stamps.  All donations are given to local rescue shelters.  Please help us to help our local homeless animals.